Court Stencil Kit
Court Stencil Kit
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This easy-to-use court stencil kit turns your home court into a pro court with lines and measurements. Just unfold the cardboard stencils on the ground according to the instructions and use the all-weather spray paint to make lines for your home court advantage.

What’s included?

(4) Pizza-box thick fold-out cardboard stencil sets
(2) White all-weather industrial striping paint
(1) Spray-guard box
Key & Free Throw Line
3 Point Line - High School
Hash Marks


This Court Stencil Kit works with these systems.
MegaSlam XL
MegaSlam 72
MegaSlam 60
MegaSlam 54
FX Pro
FX 72
FX 60



Average rating

July 05, 2021
Once the measurements were marked, the kit went quickly into place and was easy to paint. Well labeled with easy to follow instructions!
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April 16, 2021
Quality & Accuracy
The court stencil kit is designed to be extremely accurate and reusable. Use the included plum bob to get your starting point and follow the simple directions. I’m proud of how ours turned out!
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January 05, 2021
My Mega Slam Worked Like A Charm
The kit was great. Very easy to use as it took my son less than 2 hours from opening th box to having lines painted on the driveway. Makes me wonder why the heck it took me this long to actually get it done. Definitely would recommend the kit. If I was going to provide any constructive criticism it would be to include one more can of paint in the kit. I was a little worried that I was going to run out of paint near the end and probably didn't cover that part quite as well.
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