Court Stencil Kit
Court Stencil Kit
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This easy-to-use court stencil kit turns your home court into a pro court with lines and measurements. Just unfold the cardboard stencils on the ground according to the instructions and use the all-weather spray paint to make lines for your home court advantage.

What’s included?

(4) Pizza-box thick fold-out cardboard stencil sets
(2) White all-weather industrial striping paint
(1) Spray-guard box


This Court Stencil Kit works with these systems.
MegaSlam XL
MegaSlam 72
MegaSlam 60
MegaSlam 54
FX Pro
FX 72
FX 60
Pro Gym® 72
Pro Gym® 60



Average rating

June 28, 2018
The stencil kit is really a must have.
The stencil kit is easy to use. fast to put together. and just enough paint to do the job. We added out of bound lines to our court just used the free throw stencil to do it and mid court line too.