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Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Mega Slam Hoops specializes in manufacturing professional grade in-ground adjustable basketball hoops. With over 30 years of experience in the game we have developed the highest quality adjustable basketball hoops in the industry.

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Picking the Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops

We offer four different models of in ground adjustable basketball hoops that will be the perfect addition to your backyard basketball court, driveway basketball court, school playground, or corporate fitness center.

Staying in shape and at the top of your game are easy to do when you have a court nearby, but for those who want to practice their moves at home, or who are looking to have equipment installed in a public activity space, outdoor basketball hoops are another option.

Some basketball goal systems are in-ground and are made for outdoor use. One thing is certain: our high quality in ground adjustable basketball hoops, both outdoor and in-ground, can be a fantastic way to keep everyone in shape.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Hoop

There are several qualities that will help you to pick the right hoop for your team. Run down this checklist when you're trying to decide which one will be the best fit.
• Safety is important. A good in ground adjustable basketball hoop encases the glass backboard in aluminum, so that the glass edge is not exposed as the edge is the weakest point. This is paramount for player safety. Pole padding and backboard padding is also important for in-ground basketball goal systems so prevent players from getting injured from collisions during fast plays.
• Durability is also important. In ground adjustable basketball hoops see a lot of activity, which can include dunking. You want a hoop that has warranty coverage that includes dunking and hanging on the rim.
• Visibility helps players to easily line up their shots and stay focused. Traditional orange is always a smart choice for high visibility, but the backboard itself should have visible markers. The box on the board's a sweet spot for newer players to learn the right distance and trajectory of the throw.
• Adjustability makes sure that the hoop is accessible to players of all heights and skill levels. Adjustable basketball hoops can increase or decrease in height while maintaining high stability. Perfect for areas where there are players of many different age groups. Many adjustable systems only lower to 7.5', but Mega Slam Hoops have the ability to go as low as 5'.

The Right Materials

Every in ground adjustable basketball hoop has to be made from the best materials to get the best play, and the longest life. Outdoor goals that are made almost entirely out of plastic just won't have the strength to stand up to repeated games. Choosing a hoop made primarily with aluminum may work for some age groups, but steel is usually the best choice, as it can stand up to repeated games without bending or warping.

Ideally, a tempered glass backboard provides the most consistent form of play and is used in top of the line outdoor basketball goals and systems. Cheaper outdoor goals use acrylic or polycarbonate, but this is not as high quality as the glass system. For the true NBA experience, a glass backboard for your in ground adjustable basketball hoop is recommended. Tempered glass may be reinforced by steel for support and encased in aluminum to help protect the glass (and the player).

The pole itself is another thing to consider when bringing a true professional outdoor basketball goal to you backyard or home court. Low quality systems use thin steel and may result in a lot of wobbling or shaking. For maximal stability, it is recommended to use a pole that uses at least 7 gauge thick steel. This may sound like a lot, but remember that a professional-grade tempered glass backboard can way in excess of 200 pounds. This high quality professional basketball goal will require a strong, thick base to support.

Finally, a breakaway rim is strongly recommended on any high quality in ground basketball goal. This rim is necessary to protect the backboard on the outdoor goal and players during slam dunks.

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MegaSlam-XL MegaSlam-72 MegaSlam-60 MegaSlam-54
Backboard Size 72" x 42" 72" x 42" 60" x 36" 54" x 36"
Glass Thickness 1/2" Tempered Glass 1/2" Tempered Glass 1/2" Tempered Glass 1/2" Tempered Glass
Pole Size 12" x 8" 8" x 6" 6" x 6" 5" x 5"
Thickest Pole in Industry 5 Gauge 5 Gauge 5 Gauge 5 Gauge
Gussets 14 12 12 12
Overhang 5' 4' 3' 3'
Adjustable From 5'6" - 10' 5' - 10' 5' - 10' 5' - 10'
Safety Pin Height 7.5' 7.5' 7.5' 7.5'
Lift Assist Cylinders 2 2 1 1
Pro Break-Away Rim Triple Spring Triple Spring
Collegiate Flex Rim Double Spring Double Spring
Stainless Steel Hardware
Hot Dip Galvanization
2" Thick Pole Pad
Backboard Pad
Weight 875 lbs 745 lbs 600 lbs 475 lbs