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Are you ready to "Slam Like a Pro"? Mega Slam Hoops™ lineup of in-ground basketball goals are built to last, and are the best outdoor basketball systems available on the market today. These basketball hoops are excellent for a driveway basketball court, backyard basketball court, training, and competitive play.

Basketball System
Basketball Goals

Mega Slam Hoops™ offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our basketball goals. The industry leading warranty includes slam dunking, hanging on the rim, and competitive basketball play. We are the only manufacturer to include galvanized steel and stainless steel hardware without additional cost for rust protection on all of our outdoor adjustable basketball systems.

Inground Basketball Goal

Mega Slam Hoops™ are equipped with a regulation 1/2" thick tempered glass basketball backboard on all of the basketball goals from our line up. Key design features include a true breakaway rim and pro-view backboard. This allows you to bring the basketball arena to your place for a true home court advantage.

Adjustable Basketball Goals

Mega Slam Hoops™ offers in-ground, adjustable basketball goals that can be lowered down to 5' to allow everyone to "Slam Like a Pro". Built tough for all ages and skill levels, our professional grade basketball hoops are perfect for your driveway basketball court, backyard basketball court, or commercial basketball facility.


Basketball Hoops for Sale at Mega Slam Hoops

Basketball is one of the best activities for staying fit and active. It can help to engage your legs, your core, your mental focus, and keep your heart going at a healthy pace.

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With professional basketball hoops you keep the game engaging and easy to play for everyone on your team, at your school, or in your office. In-Ground Adjustable basketball hoops are great for driveway and backyard courts. These systems will give you the true NBA experience while you get a few baskets in; whether you're looking for new activities to do during your lunch break, or you want to give your kids a fun way to stay physically active, basketball hoops are one of your best options.

When you're looking to buy the right hoop, however, there are a lot of different options that you should consider. One of them will be whether or not you're using a hoop that the professionals would use. Our hoops are professional grade and use top of the line materials so that you can re-create that NBA experience right in your own home. Facility managers can also use our basketball hoops for sale to get top of the line products at a reasonable price.

We offer a variety of models as you might want different sized basketball goals to accommodate various sized playing areas. You'll be looking for height and safety requirements, ease of set up, safety padding, and other options. For some basketball goals for sale that you see online, you'll also see add ons such as padding that is sometimes sold for an additional charge. Judge the hoop carefully, and read reviews to get the right idea of which hoop is perfect for your team.

Why Buy a Hoop?

A lot of people can benefit from getting an outdoor hoop, driveway basketball system,or professional grade basketball system:

• Families who want to provide outdoor activities for their kids may find that basketball hoops are both economic and space-saving. If you have a driveway, then all you need is an in-ground driveway basketball system and you have your very own court. This can save a lot of money over other outdoor installations for physical activity, and it takes up far less of your yard space.

• Youth organizations and churches can benefit from these systems as well. Being able to bring out a basketball hoop is definitely a smart way to keep children engaged in positive activities, and it will keep kids out of trouble. Best of all, children can build valuable teamwork and other skills that will last them into their adulthood. Our hoops can stand up to a lot of use, so aggressive play is no problem.

• Offices love finding new ways to keep employees physically active. Employees who engage in sports like basketball are much less likely to call in sick, or to feel fatigued during their typical work day. Basketball hoops also help to create an atmosphere of teamwork and friendly competition amongst co-workers.

Quality of Materials in Our Professional-Grade Basketball Hoop Systems

At Mega Slam Hoops, our professional basketball goals are made with the top of the line components. Our backboards use regulation 1/”2 thick tempered glass to provide the most realistic and reliable backboard.

Cheaper systems may use acrylic or polycarbonate backboards, which do not have the same look or rebound response of a high quality glass backboard. Also remember that a quality product relates directly to the safety of the hoop itself. Lesser quality installations may not have a fully reinforced backboard, exposed parts of the system that may present a danger to players, or simply lack the quality needed to stand up to regular play. When you buy a basketball hoop from Mega Slam Hoops, you know that you are getting a truly quality product.

High Quality Names

You'll find that a lot of names in the sports equipment industry put their mark on basketball hoop systems. However, at Mega Slam Hoops, we put ourselves forward as the top of the line when it comes to the best basketball goals for sale. Our quality hoops are meant to provide the professional experience at a reasonable cost and we deliver on that promise.Read Less
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